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Bomb Threat

If You Receive a Bomb Threat

Valuable information may be gained if the person receiving the Bomb Threat stays calm and handles the call in the correct manner. If you receive a bomb threat, obtain as much information as you can from the caller - a preprinted form is provided below for use if a threat is received. Please use the following guidelines:

  1. Attempt to notify someone of the nature of the call without the caller’s knowledge.
  2. If possible, stress to the caller that the building is occupied, and that if the device is not found and deactivated, it could result in the death of many people.

Once the call is terminated:

  1. Call the Management Office at 206.262.4100. They will notify building security and the Seattle Police and Fire Departments.
  2. Inspect your work area but do not touch or remove any suspicious device or unusual object.
  3. Begin to write a complete report while all information received is fresh in your mind. Minor details will be valuable to the Police Department.
  4. Contact your Floor Wardens and follow their instructions.

The following basic rules should apply if you are called to assist in a search or should evacuation be instructed (regardless of whom receives the threat):

  1. Check your immediate area for any unusual packages or other objects not normally in the area being searched. Remember to check the following areas on each floor under search:
    • Restrooms (waste receptacles, lavatories, under or around sinks and stalls, including back of doors and overhead)
    • Janitor’s closets and mop rooms (under sinks and wash basins, cabinets, lockers, inside back of doors and overhead)
    • Elevator lobby areas and corridors
    • Stairwell landings

In conducting a search, work from the walls to the center of the room and the floor to the ceiling. LOOK AND LISTEN. If lights are found off, LEAVE THEM OFF.

  1. Do not accept container markings and/or appearance as sole evidence of a package’s identification, content and legitimacy.
  2. DO NOT TOUCH OR COVER a suspected bomb or unidentified object.
  3. Above all, stay calm and do not alert anyone other than management that there is a problem.

If You Discover a Suspicious or Unusual Object

  1. If you find a suspicious device or unusual object, DO NOT MOVE OR TOUCH IT.
  2. Relocate from the immediate area.
  3. Contact the Property Management Office/Fire Safety Director at 206.262.4100 and follow their instructions.
  4. The Property Management Office will notify Tenants and provide what information is available.
  5. If advised to relocate by your senior officer, do not use the elevators.
  6. Remember, you can search your area faster and more thoroughly for a suspicious package, since you know better than anyone if it belongs.
  7. The Seattle Police Department will be on site within minutes to respond to the threat.

Note: Upon notice of a bomb threat to Fourth & Madison, the Property Management Office will notify each tenant contact. We will provide that person with the available information. The decision whether to relocate from the Building is the responsibility of the senior officer of each tenant company.

Please click here (opens in new window) to download the Bomb Threat Notes Form.

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