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Medical Emergency

If there is a medical emergency in your work area or observed by you, immediately call 911 for medical assistance.

  1. Be prepared to give the operator the following information:
    • Nature of the medical emergency
    • Exact location and name of the sick/injured person
    • Whether a doctor has been notified. The sick or injured person may request that their own physician be notified.
    • Do not hang up until instructed to do so.
  2. Do not move the injured person.
  3. Call the Property Management Office at 206.262.4100 and provide the same information relayed to 911. Upon notification of a medical emergency the building security staff will make ready for the medical team’s entrance into the Building. A security officer will stand by at the main entrance to direct the medical team into the Building and to an awaiting elevator that will have been called down for this purpose.
  4. Assign someone to be standing by the elevator on the floor to direct the medical team to the sick/injured person.
  5. Provide any medical aid that your training allows.
  6. If the sick or injured person is to be transported to a hospital, try to send a friend or fellow employee along to comfort the person and help him/her at the hospital until a relative arrives.