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The Building Holidays observed each year are listed below in order to aid your planning operations during the year. A more specific list will be emailed out each year

  • New Year's Day
  • President's Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

Certain services are not provided on weekends and the holidays listed above. More specific service updates will be emailed out prior to each holiday.

Building Access: The building entrances and elevators will be locked to visitors on select holidays. Keep in mind, the only way to access the building and get to your floor is with a building access badge.

Parking: The garage gates will be closed on select holidays but monthly parkers will be able to enter with their parking pass.  There will be no booth or valet attendants on select holidays.

Deliveries: The Loading Dock will be closed for delivery vehicles on select holidays. If your office is closed security will not accept or "hold" deliveries.  If your office will be closed and you are expecting a delivery either day, please contact your carrier to reschedule.

United States Postal Service Mail: There will be no mail delivery or pick-up on holidays that the Post Office is closed.

Heating/Air Conditioning: The building heating will be turned off (24/7 server rooms are always excluded and will be handled as per normal) on select holidays unless you have notified us that your company will be open.

Cleaning/Trash Removal: Day porter service will be interrupted on select holidays. No regular janitorial services will be completed on select holidays with regular service picking back up the night before the next open business day.

Property Management Office: The Property Management Office will be closed on select holidays. The 4M.PMO mailbox will not be monitored these days, if you have any urgent requests, please contact Security at 206.262.4100.