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There are several stairwells that service the building:

Stair # Serves Floors Exits at
1 4-40 & A-D 4th Ave Lobby & Madison St.
2 4-40 & A-D 4th Ave Lobby & Loading Dock
3 3rd floor tunnel 4th Ave by YMCA & connects to Stair 5
4 A-D & Marion St Marion St
5 2-7 Marion St & 4th Ave
6 2-7 Marion St

Stairwell doors are locked at all times to prevent entry onto a tenant floor. Stairwells will provide egress from the tenant areas, building, and garage at any time. To provide safe egress during a fire alarm, code dictates that all stairwell doors automatically unlock.

Never prop stairwell doors open, as this may damage the door as well as compromise the balance of the Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning system and may create aserious breach to security and fire protection.