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Civil Disturbance

Civil Disturbance is any gathering of persons intending to disrupt or impede the normal conduct of business. Such a gathering is not illegal unless it involves actual disruption to business at Fourth & Madison. The size and location of the group involved, the demeanor of the group, and any unusual circumstances, such as hostile reactions, will determine the nature of the civil disturbance.

In conjunction with the Seattle Police Department, Property Management (Fire Safety Director) will direct/coordinate the handling of such an incident. Security methods may involve locking the building entry and manually grounding all elevators (until the situation is resolved).

When a situation becomes evident, or upon advisement, occupants should:

  1. Avoid confrontation with individuals; do not provoke or intimidate them.
  2. Stay away from lower level windows and/or draw window blinds.
  3. Avoid having to leave the building until the situation is resolved or until assistance is available.