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E/V Etiquette

E/V Charging Station Etiquette
To ensure that all EV drivers have a great experience at the Fourth & Madison garage, please remember the following etiquette tips.

Charge Up & Move On
Once charging is complete, move the vehicle to a regular parking spot.

Keep Charging Area Safe
Neatly coil the charging cord on holder once the session is complete.

Only Charge When Necessary
If you don't need a charge, leave the charging station available for another EV driver who may need a charge to safely complete their travels.

It is Okay to Unplug a Vehicle if it is Completely Done Charging
If the LED screen on the charging stations shows that the charge is complete, the vehicle is done charging.

Report Maintenance Needs to Property Management
If there is an issue with the E/V charging station or the area around it, please let the Property Management Office know by emailing 4M.PMO@hines.com or calling 206.262.4100.