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Fourth and Madison is equipped with eighteen (18) passenger elevators, one (1) freight elevator, and three (3) garage elevators. These elevators serve the following floors:

Elevator Bank Cabs Floors Served
High Rise 13-16 33-39
Mid Rise 7-12 19-32
Low Rise 1-6 4-19
Podium PE 1-2 1-7
Service SE 1 All floors, except 1 and 4
Garage GE 1-3 Garage A-D and floor 4
Escalators 1-4 Floors 1-4

Each elevator is equipped with an access card reader designed to restrict floor and building access. The elevator system is capable of restricting access to floors as arranged by Tenants.

Passenger Elevator Dimensions:

Door Height: 9’
Door Width: 3’6”
Cab Height: 9’
Cab Width: 6’8”
Cab Depth: 5’5”
Diagonal Clearance: 10’6”
Weight Capacity: 3,500 pounds

Service Elevator

Fourth & Madison is equipped with one (1) full building service, or freight, elevator that is designed to accommodate up to 4,500 pounds. Large deliveries must be scheduled in advance through the Property Management Office.

Scheduling use of the service elevator is also required for tenant office moves. The Property Management Office must be notified of any tenant moving activity (move in, move out, furniture delivery, etc.), or any moving between floors in the building that require the use of the service elevator.

Service Elevator cannot be reserved.

Service Elevator Dimensions:

Door Height: 10’
Door Width: 4’
Cab Height: 10’/12’ at back
Cab Width: 5’8”
Cab Depth: 7’11”
Diagonal Clearance: 11’/14’ at back
Weight Capacity: 4,500 pounds

Dropped Items

If you accidentally drop something down the elevator shaft please contact the Property Management Office. Be sure to note which elevator number the item was dropped down (found inside the cab on the right side bottom panel), description of the item and contact information. We will have our elevator technician retrieve the item and return it to you.

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